Qualities of a Successful Motivation System

A state of mind called motivation. High motivation boosts morale and increases output. A driven worker offers his all for the company. He remains devoted to the company and faithful. The following qualities should be included in an organization’s sound motivation system:


It is necessary to adapt the motivational system to the context and the organisation.


The managerial strategy should be to “motivate yourself to motivate your colleagues.”

The employees must be treated justly and fairly. Their complaints and challenges must be resolved quickly and fairly.


It is important to use a carrot and stick method to inspire both productive and unproductive personnel. Employees should view unfavourable outcomes (such as the threat of punishment) as an outside push and steer clear of them. Positive outcomes (such as rewards) should be seen as a carrot, an internal pull, and should be pursued.

The technique for evaluating performance ought to be very efficient.



The system must include consequences in the event that performance is consistently subpar.


Make sure the working conditions are flexible.


The objectives of the organisation must be connected to a strong motivating system. Therefore, it is necessary to align personal and employee goals with those of the organisation.


Superior achievement deserves to be fairly rewarded and duly recognized.


A strong motivating system necessitates changing the nature of each person’s employment. The jobs should be revised or reorganised in accordance with the demands of the circumstances. It is possible to use any of the alternatives to work specialisation, such as job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment, etc.

Participatory management should be used. The decision-making process should involve all employees and subordinates.


The supervisors need to comprehend and pinpoint each employee’s motivators.

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