Tips for Getting Your Team Motivated

When motivated as a team, a group working towards a common goal will perform at its best. The degree to which the wants and requirements of the team members are addressed determines the level of team motivation.


The following are some pointers for effective team motivation:

  • The team’s goal should be in line with the demands and requirements of its members.


  • Give the team’s mission in writing and make sure everyone is aware of it (as mission is a foundation based on which the team performs).


  • The team should continually be offered challenges (which must be challenging yet doable) to keep them motivated.


  • Giving a group of people authority and duty can also inspire them to work hard.


  • There should be room for the team to develop. When team members perceive that they are progressing professionally, that their knowledge and abilities are growing, and that they are regularly learning new things, the team’s motivation level is high.


  • True and effective leaders may create an environment where the team can inspire one another. They operate as a catalyst for team members’ self-actualization behaviours.


  • Empowerment is the key to motivation. It is important to use all of the team members’ abilities and capabilities. By giving the team members more authority, they become responsible for their own activities.


  • Continually provide the staff with feedback. Act as their guide. Recognize the team’s accomplishments and excellent performance. Send the team constructive, not destructive, comments.


  • Find and remove the obstacles that prevent teamwork, such as excessive conflict, sluggishness, team members avoiding their duties, unhappiness at work, etc.


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