Workplace motivation: The “Carrot or Stick” strategy is no longer effective

“I have no choice but to work at this job.” If this is how a member of your staff feels, keep reading to learn how to transform it into the more uplifting phrase “I respect what I do.”


First things first, whose role is it to make sure a worker enjoys his work? While a worker could respond, “the employer,” human resource professionals have a different, more logical viewpoint. To make work enjoyable for each other, the employer and the employee should collaborate.


What then has to be done for workplace motivation to be effective?


Directly tie rewards to performance

An organisation should implement a just compensation plan that offers incentives to the most deserving workers. The employees’ belief in the system and conviction that they would be rewarded for their hard work is what makes the incentive structure workable, not the incentive structure itself.


Employee praise

Even if an employee’s name is not on the list of those receiving incentives, you should still give them praise for a job well done, no matter how minor. Nothing is more gratifying to a worker than a pat on the back.


Be open and honest

Even if you decide to inform your staff of some strategic choices later, do your best to prevent them from believing rumours. Keep in touch with the staff.


Participate and network

Keeping in mind that you might not be able to receive one-on-one attention at your employer. Do not wait for an invitation before contributing to a conversation. If you participate in a forum, you have every right to voice your view and take part in the discussion. Self-motivation can be boosted through expressing oneself.


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