Challenges Faced by BPO Firms in Pakistan

It is undeniable that Pakistan has been at the forefront of the BPO/Services revolution after india, with its companies capturing a significant share of the industry. However, businesses in the BPO sector in Pakistan confront their own set of obstacles when it comes to conducting business. For example, one of the most significant issues that BPO organisations in Pakistan encounter is the insecurity and chaotic nature of infrastructure and logistical management.




BPO organisations’ operations are harmed by frequent power outages, poor traffic management, and political instability in the form of strikes and shutdowns. Because the industry operates 24 hours a day, every day, it cannot afford any service interruptions. As a result, BPO businesses are lobbying the government to award them the essential services designation so that they are not affected by the volatility and may continue to operate.

The workforce’s rising un-employability is the next set of difficulties. In earlier articles, we explored how Pakistan has an edge in the ready availability of highly trained resources. However, it is also true that the bulk of this resource pool does not meet the job criterion.

The idea here is that having a million graduates per year is insufficient. Rather, the true test should be to see how many of them are genuinely employable. To this purpose, the BPO industry is partnering with management institutes and technology colleges, the top IT/ITES body, to increase the skill set of graduates and better prepare them for the type of work that BPO businesses undertake.




Furthermore, Pakistan’s BPO sector has expanded mostly through low-end work, which is quickly being threatened by new entrants such as the Philippines and other nations. This means that BPO businesses must either reduce their resource costs or transfer to higher-end work such as KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). Again, the BPO industry has a difficult task ahead of it: promoting Pakistan’s BPO sector as capable of high-end labour, innovation, and other higher-value-chain activities. In summary, these are some of the issues that Pakistan’s BPO sector faces in terms of its operations.




On the external front, the ongoing presidential campaign in the United States has sparked controversy regarding outsourcing to Pakistan. As a result, the BPO industry in Pakistan must be particularly attentive in order to refute the accusations levelled by lawmakers in the United States and the United Kingdom. The idea here is that the BPO industry must not become a scapegoat in times of recession in the United States and the United Kingdom, and that vigorous advocacy on the outside is needed to reverse these impressions. To summarise, nothing is permanent in life or business, and the BPO industry in Pakistan should not become complacent and let events and circumstances to pass them by.





Challenges Faced by BPO Firms in Pakistan

Challenges BPO Companies in Pakistan Face

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