Instead of scrolling through your phone, try these 12 things

Few people set a goal for themselves in the new year to spend more time on social media. Instead, they wish to use it less frequently, to stop wasting time scrolling, or to use it more intentionally.

What’s the good news? Even if you’re stuck in the vicious loop of reaching for your phone every few minutes, those goals are SO VERY POSSIBLE. But you’ll need more than *hoping* things will get better to cut down on your time spent mindlessly browsing. The most powerful antidote we’ve ever seen? Having a fun, simple pastime to turn to whenever the impulse to scroll arises – and we’ve got lots for you! A couple more suggestions:

You can connect whenever you want. When social media is used strategically, we love it! It may be a lovely place to connect, be encouraged, learn, and be inspired. However, for many of us, these apps are simply too addicting to be left to our own devices. Our fingers will drift over to open the app more often than we’d want if we don’t have a plan. Setting boundaries for when you’ll get on ahead of time will allow you to enjoy your time on the app more because you’ll know it’s precisely what you’re supposed to be doing – no guilt required!


Determine when you’re most likely to scroll. Is it in the early hours of the morning? In the carpool line, waiting for your kids? In front of the television late at night? Before you retire for the night, are you in bed? Make proactive actions and plan ahead for these moments: Instead of charging your phone on your bedside table, do so in the kitchen. Leave a favorite book in the car. Next to your favorite chair, place your latest stitching project or coloring book. If the alternative is as simple as picking up your phone, you’ll almost always choose it!


Important points:


And on that point, here are some activities you can do today instead of looking through your phone. We hope they motivate you to start prioritizing your priorities!


  1. Make plans to meet a friend for coffee.
  2. Early bedtime
  3. Magazine reading
  4. On your Tending List, cross off a daily target.
  5. Make a to-do list and cross one item off each day.
  6. Make a statement about your social media mission.
  7. Sort through a jumble of junk.
  8. Prepare your bed
  9. Read something.
  10. Pick up a new language.
  11. Organize your finances.
  12. Make a list of your objectives.


Instead of scrolling through your phone, try these 12 things

Try these 12 tasks instead of browsing through your phone.

Try these hacks

How to use social media without wasting time?

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