Skills in Time Management

Organize Yourself


Cleanliness and organisation are required at the workplace.
Keeping critical files structured allows you to obtain them quickly, saving you time that might otherwise be spent searching for them. Important documents should be stapled together.
Keep your desk clear of stacks of files and piles of paper. Toss whatever you don’t need.
Keep stationery and personal goods such as your phone, vehicle keys, and wallet in their respective areas.
Make it a habit to use an organizer. Make a detailed schedule for your day.
Never write on a piece of loose paper. Always have a notepad and a pen on hand.


Prioritize your tasks


Prioritize your goals. Working for the sake of working is not a good idea.
As soon as you sit down to work, make a “Task Plan” or a “To Do” List. Make a list of all the things you want to complete in a single day and rank them by priority and urgency.

High-priority jobs must be completed right away. Do not begin your day with a task that does not demand instant attention.

Check off the tasks that have been accomplished. It makes you feel relieved and satisfied.

A worker must be able to distinguish between high and low priority activities, as well as critical and urgent labour.
Don’t waste your time on things that aren’t important to you. You will squander your entire day and produce nothing.
Make sure you understand your job’s tasks and responsibilities.



Punctuality and self-discipline are essential


Being on time allows you to do activities well ahead of schedule.
Don’t take too many vacation days from work. This is a completely unprofessional approach.
Make sure you arrive at your workplace five minutes ahead of schedule.
Make every effort to finish assignments on time. Do not put off duties till the last possible moment.


Take Ownership of work


Do not limit your work to when your supervisor is there. You should work for yourself. The commitment must come from inside.
Take ownership of your work and learn to accept your errors.
If you accept anything, it is your obligation to fulfill it within the time frame specified.


Be diplomatic in your approach


Accepting everything that comes your way is not a good idea. A courteous “NO” from the outset will safeguard your reputation in the long run.
Employees should be given assignments that are appropriate for their skill and background. As a result, they will take a greater interest in the task and will be able to complete it on time.


More focused


Concentrate on your task and be a little more concentrated. Do not squander time lingering and talking.
At work, don’t accept extended personal calls. Finish your task and get out of the office on time. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up with pals or check social media sites. It is not acceptable for a professional to play games while at work.


Don’t be unreasonable


No one can work for the entire day. Make time in your daily routine to chat with the team member who sits next to you.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


Skills in Time Management

Knowledge of Time Management

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