The Value of Motivation

The following advantages that motivation provides make it crucial for an organisation:


Implements human resources

To achieve the goals, any concern needs material, monetary, and human resources. It is only through motivation that human resources may be fully used. By encouraging employees to be willing to work, this can be accomplished. The firm will benefit from the finest resource usage possible as a result of this.



Increases workers’ efficiency level

The level of a subordinate or employee depends on more than just his credentials and skills. The gap between skill and willingness needs to be closed in order for an employee to perform at his or her best, which also raises the bar for subordinates. As a result of this,

Increasing output, cutting operating expenses, and enhancing overall effectiveness.



Leads to the accomplishment of organisational objectives

Only when the following conditions are met can an organisation achieve its objectives:- The best possible usage of resources,
Goals can be realised if coordination and cooperation take place at the same time, which can be done efficiently through motivation. The workplace is cooperative, the employees are goal-directed, and they perform with purpose.




Creates a cordial bond

Employee satisfaction is largely influenced by motivation. This can be accomplished by keeping the interests of the staff in mind as you design an incentive programme. The following actions could result from this:

financial and non-financial incentives,

opportunity for employees to advance,

incentives for ineffective workers.

A manager should do the aforementioned actions in order to create a pleasant, friendly environment in a company. This will assist in:

Stabilizing cooperation that is effective
This will contribute to a smooth and sound business where individual interests will coincide with organisational interests, resulting in profit maximisation through increased productivity. Industrial disputes and employee unrest will decrease. Employees will be adaptable to change and show no resistance to it.




Causes the workforce to be more stable

From the perspective of a company’s reputation and goodwill, worker stability is crucial. Only when employees feel involved in the management can they continue to be loyal to the company. Employees as well as employees will always benefit from the talents and productivity of employees. This will result in a positive market reputation, which will draw capable and qualified individuals to a company. As the saying goes, “Old is gold,” which fits the motivational function in this case. The older a person is, the more experience and adjustment they have to a situation that might be advantageous to the business.




We can sum up by noting that both an individual and a corporation need motivation. An individual needs motivation since it will help him attain his personal goals.
A motivated person would be satisfied with his job.
An individual’s self-development will benefit from motivation.
Working with a dynamic team would always be beneficial to an individual.
Similar to this, a company needs its employees to be motivated since a motivated team is one that has more power.
The more cohesive the team is and how much each member contributes, the more successful and profitable the company is.
More flexibility and creativity will be displayed during the period of amendments.
An upbeat and demanding attitude at work will result from motivation.






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