How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

We all have a comfortable level of discomfort. The height of that barrier varies from person to person. The higher your discomfort threshold, the more at ease you are with discomfort. Regardless of your natural comfort level, there are steps you can do to make moving outside your comfort zone simpler.


Avoid wasting time


In order to grow and learn, we must be uncomfortable in various situations. For example, if you want to get stronger, you should lift large weights. Instead of sitting at home all day watching Netflix, you should write more often if you want to develop your writing talents.

There is no way to grow as an individual if you always stay in your comfort zone and avoid circumstances where you might fail or feel uncomfortable.


You probably avoid uncertainty and change if you’re uncomfortable with discomfort. Change is impossible to avoid in today’s environment! Everything is in a state of change at all times. On a daily basis, our skin changes, the grass changes, people change—change is all around us.


Self Power


When you have little personal power, you doubt your ability to affect others or your surroundings, and you believe you lack the potential to change outcomes. Conscious people understand and embrace that change is unavoidable, and they utilize their self-awareness to analyse where they are and where they want to go, and then use their personal power to get there. Most of us fall somewhere between high and poor in terms of personal power. Increasing our self-awareness and consciousness can lead to increased personal strength and the ability to welcome change.

I make an effort to thoroughly comprehend the circumstance. What, for example, is happening on? Why am I feeling uneasy in this situation? What is it that is causing me to be anxious? Is it true that I’m in danger, or am I exaggerating the threat? What is the worst that might happen, and what is the best that could happen?


Think out of the box


As young professionals, I encourage all of my children to network. Meeting new individuals outside of your social circle is crucial. It gives you fresh insights and possibilities. Putting yourself out there is undoubtedly difficult, but I’ve discovered that my relationships have been the driving force behind my professional success. I had to develop a network before I could start my company. I was able to learn from others and uncover chances that helped me develop in my work as a result of doing so. It’s also reassuring to have a support structure in place and individuals to seek advice from.



How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

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