Why high performers live a good life by working less and earning more?

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life tired from work, looking forward to the weekend, and barely scraping by each month.

However, there are smart decisions we can make now to help us prepare for the future. But that means we have to work harder today, which is why not everyone is making more money. The majority of people have a relatively limited temporal horizon. You will make better decisions today if you are willing to look further. Make decisions that will improve your life.



Everyone has a finite amount of time and energy. We can’t accept every chance that comes our way. In principle, that’s simple enough to grasp. But it’s more difficult to practise in a world full of diversions and chances. There is a lot to do. Isn’t it true that you should say yes as much as possible? No, because you are easily sidetracked.

Many entrepreneurs make this mistake: they spend too much time and energy on the wrong things, which leads to failure. According to a survey, one of the reasons why companies fail is that they build a product or service that no one wants. Imagine investing all of your resources, time, and hope in something that no one wants! However, many startups fail as a result of this.





That would be a question I frequently ask myself. Return on investment is everything. “Which opportunity can provide me with the highest conceivable return?” you might wonder.

Everything necessitates the use of energy. And whether you’re working on a tiny or large project, both take energy. This is something I learned from Steve Schwarzman, the founder of the financial firm Blackstone. He discussed the early days of Blackstone in his book, What It Takes.

This seems to be true in our professional lives. You could do the same work for twice the money at a different company.

Invest your time and money on chances that will pay off handsomely. Not the crumbs, but the chunk of bread.


Why high performers live a good life by working less and earning more?

Why high performers live a good life?

How they work less and earn more?

Why exceptional performers work fewer hours and make more money?

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